Spawn: Armageddon

The war between Heaven and Hell has begun. It's up to Spawn to save the world from certain destruction.


The story of Spawn: Armageddon is a simple one:  Heaven and Hell are using Earth as their battleground, and if Spawn doesn't put a stop to it the world will end.  
The game opens with Spawn sitting on the rooftop of a church having a flashback of the horrors of his death by the hands of Jason Wynn.  Suddenly, an enormous green beam comes down from the sky and hits the city, knocking Spawn from his perch.  Spawn quickly learns that the beam was the signal for the beginning of Armageddon, the war between Heaven and Hell.  He needs to tear through streets filled with battling angels and demons (while neither side would mind claiming his head) in order to put a stop the the war and save Earth.  Spawn's travels take him through grungy parts of the city, a city park, Hell, and even Outer Space.  Some familiar faces such as The Violator, Mammon, and Malebolgia make appearances.


The gameplay in Spawn: Armageddon is largely reminiscent of Devil May Cry, though significantly dumbed down.  The player must make use of Spawn's axe, Agony, his chains, and his guns in order to string together close-, mid-, and long-range combos.  Spawn also has use of his magic, although in a limited supply and variation.  An upgrade system was in place.  Through Spawn's collection and subsequent spending of demon souls, he is able to purchase ammo and weapons, new moves, or increase the maximum capacity of health or necroplasm bar.