Granhistoria: Genshi Sekaiki

A Japan-only role-playing game involving alternate universes, time travel, and reincarnation.


Granhistoria: Genshi Sekaiki ("Vision of World Record") is a turn-based RPG for the Super Famicom. The protagonist is Toll, a hardworking young man from a small village who is about to marry his fiancée Lu, but the player is actually controlling a divine being that hearkens from the near future. Toll is killed shortly before his wedding day by a gang of thieves hunting for divine artifacts, but the divine being is able to possess his body and bring him back. It also allows him to jump through time to avert the attack on his village that follows, and subsequently the various events that will eventually lead to the end of the world. These events are all presented by an in-game "world record", another divine spirit that knows everything that has ever happened, which begins with Toll's death in 805 and continues for another twenty years until the world's end in 825.

The game has a standard turn-based combat system, with large enemy sprites on the top of the screen and the player's party displayed across the bottom. The player initially only has Toll, but can recruit other characters by finding them in the world.