Blade of Darkness

Severance: Blade of Darkness is a very gory third person melee combat game developed by Rebel Act Studios and released for the PC in 2001.

 Severance: Blade of Darkness follows the fate of four characters and their quest to defeat an evil Necromancer and retrieve a legendary sword. The player can choose between the characters, who are a Knight, a Barbarian, A Dwarf and a Ranger/ Amazon type female character. All characters have different starting areas but eventually end up in the same levels. Yet, the sequence of the stages can be chosen as a world map in between the stages prompts you to decide where you want to go next, maybe look for help at the Dwarven Mines or go face the Orcs at their dwelling. 
The game is a third-person melee combat game. You control your avatar, which can walk, run, jump, crouch and so forth. You can also pick up stuff like torches or bread to replenish your health. The crux of the game lies in the melee combat. A vast array of weapons is available and can be found over the course of the game. Expect your arsenal of axes and swords as well as some quiet bizarre renderings of what might be called a weapon. The weapon handling works quite well and once you enter the attack stance, various key combinations trigger different attacks. The most basic ones are usually triggered by the attack button and a direction which results in upper swings, lower swings etc. The combos become more sophisticated as the game progresses, and both the characters as well as the weapons can have unique combos which are tied to them. Some weapons also have level and/or class restrictions that come with them. Besides attacking, you can also block or dodge as well as switch your focussed enemy. Once you master the controls, the combat experience feels very fluid and dynamic while being still in full control of the player. The game has a quiet sophisticated damage map applied to the bodies and some critical hits may cause heads to fly around or limbs to be scattered all over the place. Bows function in a similar way and you have to manually aim and release the arrows in order to hit the enemy.  
The graphics of the game are very impressive and include a complex light map as well as an visually stunning water engine. The game features quite a few puzzles which usually consist of having the right key for the right door or figuring out which handle does what, nothing too complex and the focus is without a doubt on the fighting mechanics.