2064: Read Only Memories

Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game focused on the dark side of technology in the year 2064.


Read Only Memories was directed by John "JJSignal" James and produced by MidBoss and Matt Conn for OUYA, PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game was heavily inspired by Snatcher, Rise of the Dragon, Gabriel Knight and similar old-school adventures, and also prominently features LGBT characters.

On January 17th, 2017, the developers released 2064: Read Only Memories which features fully voiced dialogues voiced by e.g. BAFTA-nominated folks such as Melissa Hutchinson Adam Harrington, Dave Fennoy and Erin Fitzgerald, Jonathan Holmes and Zoe Quinn, Austin Creed, Dan Ryckert, and Jim Sterling. The game also includes new animations, new characters, new areas to explore in post-game. The game contains an updated soundtrack. This version of game is provided to the owners of original game on Steam, GOG, Humble and Itch.io for free.