EMMA: Lost in Memories

EMMA: Lost in Memories

EMMA: Lost in Memories is a poetic 2d puzzle platformer set in a poetic and mildly surrealistic world.

It mixes challenging gameplay that requires a combination of quick reaction time and the ability to strategize in advance. In the game, the player can jump, bounce off walls and use special abilities but he does not directly direct his movement. Movement is automatic and the player has to react at the correct time, a little in the style of games like Super Mario Run.

EMMA tells the tale of a young girl that leaves her home following an owl. She soon loses herself and realizes that she's in a world far more dangerous than she expected.

The game reflects on the themes of memory, loss and the acceptation of oneself.

It's the second main personal project of SandBloom Studio after Sold O2ut and the first one to be published.


- More than 140 levels;

- Five different and unique worlds;

- Delicate hand-drawn art;

- Captivating original music;