VoxStory is a RPG with world/story and character building.

Tabletop Roleplaying. Reimagined.

VoxStory is a live, in-person tabletop roleplaying game - with a digital twist!

What does that look like? The Games Master builds a world on a laptop, and the platform connects to a television or a computer screen that everyone gathers around.

Each player accesses the platform through a computer or mobile device, and they make their way through swamps, forests, deserts, cities and more…in pursuit of adventure.

Why a Live Game? Why VoxStory?

A live tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG) achieves something that video just can’t pull off. A live game is an open system, filled with infinite possibilities and actual roleplaying. Game Masters create any kind of world they’d like, adding their own unique stories and plot twists.

VoxStory holds true to the magic of tabletop gaming. Here’s what makes it unique...

✔ The Game Master can generate all the intricate details of a new world in a matter of minutes, and either leave it as is—or infinitely customize every last rock, tree, monster, castle, and hut.

✔ New Players can enter the game immediately, generating a character from a laptop or mobile device. There’s virtually no learning curve.

Cities, Forests, Deserts, Swamps, and Snow-covered Landscapes