The Zone: Stalker Stories

Top-down RPG, deckbuilder/card battler & rich visual novel all in one. Use your psionic powers to become a Stalker in an apocalypse the likes of which you've never seen before.


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The Zone: Stalker Stories is a top-down RPG being developed by Illuminated Games, developers of The Next World and Golem Creation Kit. It features a unique blend of gameplay elements: inventory management, overworld exploration and quests, turn-based card battles, and a gripping story told in visual novel style.

The game takes inspiration from games like Slay the Spire, Darkest Dungeon and classic RPGs, as well as powerful stories such as Roadside Picnic and Stalker.

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The story follows the player's life as a 'mutant' with psychic powers, one of only a few thousand survivors in a strange and twisted city, working together with a colourful cast of NPCs to unravel some of the mysteries of the insane world they have inherited.

Notable Features

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  • Deckbuilding through inventory --the items
  • A weird and fascinating world that rarely makes sense
  • Tight, witty writing by industry veterans
  • 'Confusion' mechanics to simulate the mental stress induced by the Zone
  • Unique hand-drawn style that's neither cartoony nor pixel art
  • Gather materials and complete research projects to unlock new items and passive abilities

Story Pitch

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"No one knows how or why the Event happened. Only that, in one instant, everything went mad. It shattered minds, twisted bodies into inhuman monsters, and turned the laws of nature inside out.

No one remembers what the world was like before. The new one is all kinds of wrong, filled with psychics, mutants, artifacts and anomalies where the very fabric of reality has been torn apart. A Zone in which death is only ever an inch away.