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Unprofessional Fridays: UPF - 06/24/22

2022-06-24 06:30 Features

Can you smell what The Grubb (and company) are cooking?!

Game Mess Mornings 6/24/22

2022-06-24 07:54 Features

Grubb is joined by Tamoor to discuss Chris Pratt, From Software, and more.

Voicemail Dump Truck 028

2022-06-23 13:37 Features

Having a bad day? Don't worry! Hop onto the dump truck and you'll immediately feel better.

Game Mess Mornings 6/23/22

2022-06-23 54:26 Features

Grubb is joined by Jan to discuss Hyenas, Sad Sonic, and more.

Quick Look: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

2022-06-22 33:00 Quick Looks

We got a whole bunch of radical people to try and stop the Shredder, eat pizza, and trade fun facts about helium!

ALBUMMER! 43: Jet's "Shine On"

2022-06-22 09:33 Features

This week on Albummer! we're talking about the Jet album that notoriously got a 0.0 and a video of a monkey pissing as a review on Pitchfork. Is this that bad? It's not even the worst thing we've listened to this month but man, what a discussion!

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team Salsa Install VS. Team Pretzel Motion

2022-06-22 30:05 Features

Team Salsa Install (@chubigans, @TieTuesdayLP) VS Team Pretzel Motion (@SamanthaZero, @unastrike)

Game Mess Mornings 6/22/22

2022-06-22 05:02 Features

Grubb is joined by Lucy James to discuss Final Fantasy 16, Activision, and more.

Giant Bombcast 743: Assassin's Cream

2022-06-21 31:32 Giant Bombcast

HELLO all of our Mid Sized Sedans out there! We're back this week to talk about TMNT Shredder's Revenge, gush about Neon White, breakdown all the Final Fantasies on the horizon, controller news, and discuss optimum nuggest strategies!

Quick Look: Neon White

2022-06-21 43:06 Quick Looks

Dan and Grubb, speedrunning rivals, dive into the gorgeous and fast-paced world of Neon White. BAM! ZOOP! KABOOEY!