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Giant Bombcast 579: BATS NOT BALLS

2019-04-16 34:34

Sony details the next PlayStation out of nowhere and it isn't even the most contentious topic of the week! Respawn's Star Wars, Janina Gavankar's Horizon leak, genuine Sanwa parts: this podcast has it all.

Quick Look: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

2019-04-14 47:35 Quick Looks

You've activated my trap card, SEVEN GOKUS!

Unfinished: Risk of Rain 2 (04/13/2019)

2019-04-13 00:56 Unfinished

Our forecast predicts that there is another chance of rain!

Quick Look: Falcon Age

2019-04-12 29:17

Put on a falcon fashion show in a desert post apocalypse!

Unfinished: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (04/10/2019)

2019-04-11 26:49 Unfinished

Human beings in a mob. What's a mob to a king? What's a king to a wheelbarrow full of children?

Quick Look: Supraland

2019-04-11 23:28 Quick Looks

You're a tiny man in a big world full of the sounds and sights from video games past.

Quick Look: Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

2019-04-11 24:37 Quick Looks

The only thing that can save us from giant insects is the NAUGHTY BOY!

Quick Look: Katana Zero

2019-04-10 23:42 Quick Looks

Be kind and rewind!

PokéMonday Night Combat - 04/09/2019

2019-04-09 49:43 Features

Let's put this little fox-dog and it's friends to good use!

Giant Bombcast 578: Chrome-Ass GameCube

2019-04-09 35:13 Giant Bombcast

After the requisite Wrestlemania wrap-up, we drive dangerously, test our falconry skills, hit max level in D.C., go to MiSTer school, ponder the Smurf reproductive system, and listen to one very special Soundcloud.